Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Georgia's first Play Date!

So today my friend Ashley and I got together and got some much needed adult conversation in while our two little ones had a play date!

Both Ashley and I found out within days of each other that we were pregnant, we found out the same week what we were going to be having... and we also found out we have the EXACT same due date! What are the odds? It was fun having someone else in the same phase as you... we definitely compared the symptoms and kicks that we were having!

Logan was induced (just like Georgia) 2 weeks earlier than me because his sweet mommy had high blood pressure (another symptom that we had in common)!

It was exciting to get the text updates with her progression and then finally the picture of her sweet little boy!!! Yay, he'd finally made into the world!

Also today we found out the are on the same schedule... almost to a T! When I arrived at her place they BOTH had poopy diapers, then they both were hungry... then they both feel asleep! I swear these two were made for each other! :)

So here are some pictures and video's of Georgia and Logan on their first play date together:

The ol' smooth move!
(yawn & stretch to put your arm around the girl)

Close enough... But at least she's smiling at me!

Hey, nice pacifier!

So sweet holding hands!

And here are some video's of the little love birds chatting with each other!


Mon & Gigi

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