Friday, March 27, 2009

Three Years Ago Today...

I said yes to the man of my dreams, I said yes to our future, I said yes to starting a life together, I said YES to love!

After talking with Monica’s father, a trip was arranged in March to surprise Monica for her birthday. Little did Monica know that John had another surprise up his sleeve. They talked back and forth over the next couple of months, and once March arrived, the questions came. “What did you get me for my birthday?” “Oh, I’m mailing it to you.” Monica still didn’t have an idea of what was in store for her. John flew in to California and met Monica’s mom at the restaurant. Her dad brought her in, blindfolded, and sat her down. After the blindfold was taken off, Monica was quite surprised to see John sitting next to her. She had been through such a stressful week, and managed a relieved ‘Hi’ as she rested her head in John’s shoulder. At this point Monica knew what might be happening, and as the butterflies mounted, she wondered if she would make a good wife. John had no idea about her worries and was floating along, that is, until he spoke to Monica’s dad. “I think you two should communicate more,” was the answer John received. It wasn’t necessarily a rejection, but it was definitely a coded message. However, after an off weekend, John and Monica seemed to be right back where they were before. John knew he wanted to marry Monica, and with one last push of courage, he asked her dad again. “My answer’s always been yes, it’s these crazy women!” John was excited. It seemed that Monica, too, was more upbeat than usual. John didn’t know, but Monica had confided in her dad her worries, and he told her to pray. John had picked out a place in old town Sacramento to propose, but all during that day, he just couldn’t find the right place. He and Monica ventured into a candy store where John purchased some candy that he knew Monica did not like. It was starting to rain, so they went back to their car, where John politely asked if Monica wanted a piece of candy. “No, thanks.” “You sure?” “I’m sure.” “Well, do you want a piece?” “No, I don’t.” “Just look in the bag!” Monica looked inside and just looked up at John. He proceeded to tell her of his love for her and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes.

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Hey this is an interesting story!