Friday, February 6, 2009

That's it... I'm charging rent!

Come on!!! Today I went back to my Dr to have my blood pressure checked because I was having a few heart palpitations last night. I didn't think anything of it except I know My Dr was keeping an eye on my BP and I thought it might be affecting that.

So today I met with another Dr that I REALLY like and she checked everything out, my heart rate, lungs and thyroid glands. Everything checked out fine.

She also checked the babies heart rate, 155 bpm which checked out great!

Then she decided to do an exam and see if I've made any progress since Wednesday...

Friday Stats:
Dilation: 2cm (STILL)
Effacement: 80% (STILL)
Station: -1 (STILL)

Seriously? STILL all those things... So she asked if I wanted my membranes stripped again... Uh, I don't know... She was really nice and said it's totally up to you, just giving you the option. Well she was already there so I told her to go for it... Not nearly as bad as the last time.

She said sometimes women's water will break when they do this and in turn that will start the contractions.

We'll see about that!

Next appointment is in 5 days... My due date is in 4 days...


Anonymous said...

Glad your heart is okay :) You are so cute, I SO remember the feeling . . . . do we need to begin a "Free Georgia" campaign?

Sisters Savings said...

I just saw your comment on our are too sweet for checking in! We are good! We have been so busy since before Christmas and it seems as though it wont stop! Can not seem to find the time to blog! on the other hand...still no baby? Well, I can relate..I think I went like 42 weeks with my daughter! But, she will come in her own time.....Good luck...can't wait to see her when you post!

Leah said...

ha ha I agree with ashley lol. I hope she arrives soon!