Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Due Date Dilema...

Here it is... the most counted down and awaited day. I mean SECOND to my wedding of course!

But seriously, there is something about a due date... it's not for certain, it's just a rough date that you get to look forward to... or in my case, look past! Your wedding if for certain, it will happen on that set date, there is no waiting game!

I can honestly say this has been a FANTASTIC pregnancy, NO complaints! And even the whole "last month dread" hasn't been bad on bit. No morning sickness, no cramping, no cravings (until lately), no horrific weight gain, no problems at all. It's been perfect! Now lets hope the same for the delivery!

I've enjoyed my time off work getting the house ready and Georgia's room all together these past few weeks. It has been a time for me to really let everything sink in and prepare for becoming a mom.

And somehow just in the last 24 hours I've gone from... "wow, we're pregnant and going to have a kid!" to "I'm ready to hold my daughter". I think she's been waiting for ME to get ready.

So to my sweet daughter,

I'm ready whenever you are... well sort of! But I know the moment that you are in my arms is the moment that I was meant to become a mom. I'm so excited to meet you and see your sweet face! I can't describe the feelings that I go through on a daily basis, because even I can't explain them! But your dad and I are ready and we can't wait to hold you and call you daughter!

We love you sweet little girl!

I have a Dr's appt today and will update with what's next!

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