Wednesday, February 4, 2009

39 Week Appointment (Follow the "Light"!)

Well today was our 39 week appointment... crazy to think I'm actually closer to my due date than the beginning of the week!

Weight: Total gained 14 pounds
Blood Pressure: Borderline (Something over 85)
Sugars and Proteins: Negative
Dilated: STILL 2 cm
Effacement: 80%
Station: -1

It was actually one of the quickest appointments of the full exams I've had. My doctor is happy with my weight and thinks I'll weight less than I did pre-pregnancy by the time I leave the hospital (Amen)!

When she did the exam she actually said 1.5 cm... I was like what? I've been 2 cm this whole time?! And she she checked the station she said it felt like she was higher up than last week...

This girl is in trouble, because it appears she has her mom's sense of direction (NONE)!

She did go ahead and strip my membranes, which was SO not fun and then proceeded to tell me that there is a 50% change of me going into labor in the next 24 hours... WHAT?! I all of a sudden couldn't help think of my list and the things I still need to get done...

But wait, doesn't EVERYTHING in life have a 50% chance of happening or not happening? So we'll see, but to be on the safe side everyone is packed and the car seat is installed!

I'm actually really tired and I think I'm going to take a little nap for the first time in like... a year!

We'll keep everyone posted!

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha this one made me laugh.