Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Georgia is one BIG peach!

So today I had my follow up ultra sound to the Dr's appt. where she measured me 4 weeks larger...

Well Drum roll please.....

She's measuring in at 38.5 weeks (I'm 36 weeks yesterday)
She's approx. 8.5 pounds (books say 5.5-6 pounds)
They put her as being due 1/25/09 (She's not due till 2/10/09!)
She TOTALLY has John's nose!
She has chubby chipmunk cheeks
and likes to have her hands up by her face!

This appt. was originally supposed to be 30-45 minutes... it took 2 hours! The techs were great and talked through each thing they were looking at and measuring (way better than my 20 week ultra sound)! One of the techs in the room was still learning so it was kind of cool to hear the terminology and then have them "speak English" and understand what it all meant.

Luckily I have a Dr. appt tomorrow and we'll be able to go through all of this and figure out what's next... I'll keep you all posted!

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Leah said...

Wow thats amazing!