Thursday, January 15, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Today I had my 36 week check up the last of the "every other week" and the beginning of the "every week" appointments!

It was pretty eventful this time around, which was nice for a change!

Same routine:
Weight (still at a total of 15 gained)
Blood Pressure (boo, it was boarder line)
Sugar and Protein (Nada)
Heart Rate (all over the place)

Dr. Yost was great and went over the information that the Imaging center sent over. At first she was talking about C Sections and the pros and cons, the whole time I'm thinking I really don't want to have C-Section if it's not needed. Then she said the same thing! She's great and pro "natural deliver" and said she would like to have me go full term (basically whenever Georgia decides it's time to come) and we'll go from there. I love her so much... and all the nurses there, I'm so bringing them See's Chocolate next Wednesday!

They took my blood pressure 3 times over the course of an hour that I was there... I guess it was boarder line every time, but with no sugar or proteins in my urine they dismissed preeclampsia. She did ask if I was feeling okay and if anything has changed...
Umm yeah, both my hubby and I are getting 10% pay cuts, I just switched jobs... oh yeah and we're having a baby anytime now!

She laughed and recommended that i take it easy this next week and just take care of me and miss G. So I start maternity leave on Monday! I'm kind of excited but I also know I'm going to go crazy not really being able to do much!

Georgia's heart rate was 141 at the ultrasound the previous day and I figured it would be somewhere around there today. Nope... she started off at 150, then went to 180 due to her dancing around and then finally after 5 minutes or so it went back down to 160... then 150 then 120. I didn't know if I should have been worried but then my Dr smiled and said watch this... She kind of poked my belly with the wand and boom 145! She said we caught her moving around and then what seemed like she was falling asleep... silly girl!

I did have an exam which I wasn't expecting till next week.. but whatever!
She tested for Strep B and also discovered that I'm 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced.
She was very pleased that there was progress, especially if she is measuring on the bigger side.

So from now on I go in ever week until miss G arrives!

*Miss Georgia, Please if you could just give me one more week to take care of things... I would so appreciate it! Thanks love*


Anonymous said...

What! I missed that you are dilated and effaced already! Hummmmm, maybe I should change my arrival date guess . . . . . .

The Pedigo Family said...

haha, I could have swore I told you! It one of those things that everyone asks so you think you've told everyone...

It's crazy, I'm anxious to see if there has been any progress this next week. I go in again on Wednesday morning... Yikes!

Maybe I should bring my bags just in case?! :)

Leah said...

ha ha be prepared. Thats good news!