Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Non Stress Test... PASS!

This morning i had my NST, Non Stress Test.

It was fairly easy and and it was a good run through for Friday when we go in to get induced. Wow... I still can't believe we're going to have a baby on Friday!

First I register and I got this blue card thing that allows me to go on certain floors and rooms... kind of like an ID along with a wrist band.

Then I headed upstairs... to be sent back downstairs to go get an ultrasound. I didn't get to see anything and I didn't want to ask and be turned down. But it was so quick anyways. They check the breathing, heart rate and fluid levels. Everything checked out perfect. Yay!

Then it was back up to Labor and Delivery to be hooked up to a fetal monitor to check her heart rate... which was "gorgeous" according to the nurse. It was kind of soothing to just lay there and listen to my little girls heart beating away for an half an hour or so.

So around 11am I was checked out by my doctor and she said that she would see me on Friday at 6am... still not happy that I have to get up so early!

The nurses were all great and I can honestly say that it put my nerves at ease for when we go in on Friday to have our little girl!

One more day as just the two of us...


Leah said...

glad everything looks good! Have a good last day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Those baby pics were So cute, fun! You should totally keep those and compare. Do you really have to have a baby the same time we move, i want to be there for you more!!! And P.S. there is a good chance you will actually have her on Saturday, most first time inductions take about 24hrs., mine did! So you could have a valentines baby, how sweet. No matter when she comes I'm SO excited for you!