Wednesday, December 31, 2008

34 Week Appointment

Here we are as in olden days Happy golden days of yore...

Update of miss Georgia at 6 weeks and counting:
Blood pressure: GREAT
Weight: GREAT (total of 12lb. and she is at least 5 of that, thank you!)
Urine Sugars and Protein: Negative
Heart Beat: Wonderful (145 bpm)
Measurement: Umm, 4 weeks AHEAD!

Yeah, so as you can see everything is going wonderful, yet again... another 10 minute appointment that takes me 30 minutes to get to!

Everything checked out... except that miss Georgia is looking like she is on the big side... YIKES!

I'll be going in for an ultrasound in a few weeks for them to just check on how everything is and to see if they can guesstimate her weight.

The measurement can be off due to a number of thing, such as:
Different Dr., she may have measured different than the last (I rotate through 5)
Amniotic fluid is building up (I have been chugging water like a camel)
She's just ginormous and I may be giving birth to a toddler! (Yikes, doesn't sound like fun)
OR... I just REALLY enjoyed the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals... :)

Which ever it may be the Dr. didn't seem worried, she just wanted to double check on position and weight and just to see how things are going before the big day.

I'll keep everyone posted!

Have a fun and safe New Years!!!

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