Thursday, December 18, 2008

32 Week Appointment

Here we are once again...

Another appointment that takes me 30 minutes to get to... and 10 t0 go through. Something is just wrong with that picture. This week I met with the only male Dr. in the practice. Last time John and I met with him together and he and John ended up talking football.

This time... it was all baby (probably because John wasn't there!), and it was no more than 5 minutes long.

Same old, same old... weight (7 lbs. thank you very much!), blood pressure (perfect!), protein test (negative), measured my belly (right on track), and listened to her sweet little heart beat!

He gave me the "talk" about not traveling more that 2 hours from our hospital and if I were to go into labor to go directly to the L&D...

What? Is it that time yet? I'm still 2 months away... how can that be?

Time is flying by and I still have a TON left of my list to do!

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