Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 Month Dr. Appointment

Everything looks good!

It was a little comical watching the Dr. trying to find the heart beat though. Each appointment before this Georgia has always been really low and pretty much in one spot... but now that she is just a little over a pound (even though I blame her for more) she is starting to pick side of my belly! I can actually feel when she is favoring a side.

It took the Dr. a few minutes to try to get it and chase her down because she was moving... but finally she got it, and it was LOUD! Louder than I have ever heard it, I even asked the Dr. if the volume was turned up, she said nope... it only has one volume! Yikes!

They measured my belly, which I'm two weeks ahead... who knows what that means? Big baby or early deliver... lets hope for the later!

Everything seems to be going well and I get to see my Primary Dr. the next time I go in, which is the week before Thanksgiving!

Thanks for all the prayers to keep our little one safe and growing strong!

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Auntie Carol said...

Monica, I love reading your comments on your Dr.s app. I can;t wait till I can feel Gorgia tummbling around in your tummy..Love all 3 of ya Auntie Carol