Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)

*Updated* BTW... I passed! Thank goodness, I don't know how long I would have had to do it if I didn't... 5 hours? Ugh! Yay for having glucose tolerance!

I have my Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday. I've been putting it off, but my next Dr.'s appointment is next week and I know they wanted the results by then. So I packed up some magazines, a book... and of course some snacks for afterwards.

(Long Story, scroll down for the short story)
I arrived at 10am to start the test (only because I know how insane it is first thing in the morning). They took my blood when I first got there and then gave me this delicious orange drink... that I had to choke down in 5 minutes! So i was sipping it making sure not to gag on the nasty warm syrupy orange flavored drink. I though I was doing good on time till the nurse asked if I was finished... Umm no I still have half of it to go. She then replied that I needed to hurry because it was supposed to be taken in a 5 minute time frame... Oh crap! So then I stood up and was taking big chugs and making horrible faces as I was swallowing this stuff. They sweet old lady across the room was getting a kick out of my determination. FINALLY, I was done! The nurse started the clock and so the waiting began... that was one of the longest hours of my life! She then took my blood. Thinking I was done and only doing the one hour test... she then gave me ANOTHER bottle of the orange drink... huh? I was then instructed that I was taking the 3 hours test... I was so not prepared for this! So I continued the battle of drinking the orange poison and getting blood drawn for the next 2 hours... for a total of: 24oz. or nasty orange stuff in my system and having my blood drawn 4 separate times... What a terrific Tuesday!

(Short Story)
Ugh is all I have to say. This three hour test was terrible. Now I'm not much of a needle person... so getting blood taken 4 times in 3 hours wasn't my idea of fun. But once I took my first sip of that horrible syrupy orange flavored drink (BARF)... that became more dreadful than getting my blood taken.

I hate orange flavored ANYTHING! Popsicles, juice, candy, soda, the fruit... and now on the list is Orange Flavored Dextrose.

I should hear by next week if I passed for not. I'll keep you posted!

The Orange Poison I was Given.


Sisters Savings said...

Oh, I can relate totally! With both of my children I had to take the long sugar test! (Both came up negative, thank goodness!) Ugh, when you are finally done you want to find the nearest anything to be sick! Unborn babies don't deal well with the whole "fasting" things! So, hang in there! It is obviously worth it!!

Rick Dennis said...

Oh, I still gag just thinking about this. I had to go through it twice with my first pregnancy because I failed the first time. Ugh. Ugh, ugh!! But my hospital did give me a choice of flavor: orange or lemon-lime. I gotta tell you, neither tastes good. For my second pregnancy I had a new tactic: hold my breath and chug as quickly as possible. :) Hope you test comes back clean!!

Tanya said...

Oh, my goodness! I just realized my last post gave my husband credit. Sorry!! That "Rick Dennis" is actually me. :) Unfortunately, no ... I couldn't pass off this test to my him. Too bad.