Friday, September 12, 2008

Buns in the Oven

Something got into me and I decided that I wanted to make cinnamon rolls... I saw a recipe on My Kitchen Cafe and they looked so good I HAD to try them!

So here is just a little peak into my baking experience...

I got everything I needed and laid it all out so it would make the whole process easier... (easier!)

First step was to mix the yeast, sugar and water and wait for it to dissolve...

Next I needed to make the special ingredient (Pudding) to add to my dough mix...

I mixed all the dry ingredients and pudding.. and yeast mix... ALL AT ONCE! (First mistake!)

Place in a greased bowl and wait to double in size...

20 minutes later... Bam! That yeast is a powerful little thing!

Flour, and roll out... 32x21... hmm, this is where I need granite counters.

The best part... the filling!!! (Again I TOTALLY messed this part up!)

And this is where I started to get frustrated! Arrg, darn it and my non baking skills!

Okay.. I got them into dough like rolls! Time to bake...

Hey... once I put the frosting on.. you can't tell they were ugly buns! But they sure were yummy!

So, I absolutely have no baking skills... well, not as much as I have "no reading directions" skills!

Considering I didn't mix the dough mixture in the right order... oops! And I used MELTED butter instead of SOFTEN butter for the filling (Which made it oober runny!) They didn't turn out half bad.. plus the frosting on top hid any imperfections.

We had my parents come by because my mom just came back from being Canada for 2 weeks and I wanted to see her, because we would be gone all day Saturday in Rocklin. My mom was the first one who got to try the buns... she gave her approval. So I decided to bring the LARGE tray of buns with us to church Saturday morning to share with some of the youth and youth staff before we headed off to our conference.

I guess I'm good at baking two kinds of buns in the oven!

For the recipe you can go
HERE... and check out the other yummy recipes while you're there!

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Ashley said...

You are cute. They were so yummy though, thanks!