Monday, September 8, 2008

Blue or Pink... What Do You Think?!

So just for kicks... and for Baby G's baby book I've added a boy/girl poll off to the side (top right of the page.)! I'm interested to see what everyone thinks Baby G will be... (only 2.5 more weeks of waiting...)
Here are some little facts/old wives' tales to help assist you make your guess:

I have had NO sickness or nausea at all. Based on this, I'm having a BOY.

I don't feel over emotional or moody, of course I get a little teary eyed at commercials and movies, but what woman doesn't?

Baby G's first recorded heart rate was 120bpm at 7 weeks. BUT, Baby G's heart rate has been 167bpm at 12 weeks, 130bpm at 15 weeks and 160 at 17 weeks. No where NEAR consistent. According to the old wives tale, if the heart rate is above 140, the baby is a girl, below 140, it's a boy. Based on this, I'm having a ________?

The hair on my legs is growing so much faster! Based on this, I'm having a BOY.

I did the Pencil Test, you take a needle and thread and stick the needle in the eraser of the pencil. You hold the pencil by the string over the woman's wrist and it will go left to right for a girl and up and down for a boy.... Based on this, I'm having a GIRL.

I crave more salty and sour foods and don't really want any sweets... I mean, John brought home a dozen Raley's cookies (They are massive and oh so good!) and I only had one in a two week span. Based on this, I'm having a BOY.

According to all of the Chinese gender calendars, this baby is a GIRL.

I checked with Baby Man (who is apparently right 94% of the time) ... and he said GIRL.

Those are all the clues I have for now. I honestly don't care if this baby is a boy or a girl. John and I would be thrilled either way. So it's a win/win!

Thanks for guessing!!! I will let you know what we hear on September 25th!


Nic Kaeding said...

Monica and John-

I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Jason and I are very excited for you all. We'll just have to keep following along via blog since y'all live so stinking far away. Any plans to return to Indiana anytime soon?


The Pedigo Family said...

Hey Nic!

Yes we plan to come out and visit. Because I will be so far along I won't be able to make it out till after the baby comes. But John is going to be in Indy during Thanksgiving. We're hoping to make it out in May of 09 to show off our little one and say hi to everyone!

Hope you're doing well!