Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eleven Week Check-Up

Today we had out second month check up, which equals out for us to be 11 weeks. We were expecting to hear the heart beat, but Dr. Yost pulled in the ultrasound machine instead... hey I rather see my baby than hear it any day... I guess the same will be true after the baby is here!

It was so amazing to see just how much Baby G has grown in less than a month. It looked like a little gummy bear and was at least 10 times the size! (that is my opinion, not those of the Dr.s' or people who really know how big the baby is at 11 weeks.)

Here's a REALLY short video of Baby swimming all over the place.. it's still so surreal.

And this was the picture that Dr. Yost gave us... And as John and I pulling out of the parking lot I shouted STOP, does this look like two?...

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