Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Love My Life!

I love my life... it was almost this overwhelming feeling I had out of nowhere today.
Now don't get me wrong.. I have... did... and always loved my life, but there was this emotion that actually went with the thought. I was almost giddy and wanted to just go call and tell everyone I love you and thank you for being in my life. So to all of you who are reading this.. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE! YOU ROCK!

I think a lot of this came to be today with work, as most of you know I've started a new job working for the State of California. It's been an interested 2 weeks.. having to re-learn programs, printers, policies... having to prove myself to others.. Ahhh I haven't had to do this in almost 4 years.. it's not fun and it's very demanding.
TODAY... today, on Thursday, February 7, 2007 I have finally felt like I made it in my job. I feel like people trust me, understand me and most of all believe in me. Things are going good, it's definitely been a long road, but I'm glad I'm here.

At home John and I are enjoying our evenings.. these past few weeks have been VERY tiring.. so much when I crawl into bed at 9-9:30, I usually don't even think about bed till midnight.
We're in the process of organizing our finances and getting a working budget into place.. I've been dreading it, but with doing a lot of quicken here at work and really wanting to reach our short term goals as well as our long term... I'm determined! I need accountability in this, so please feel free to check up on me and give any words of encouragement or advice in this area.
In recent news... John and I both have some weird sinus pressure thing. I got him some medicine last night.. so we'll see if it does any good!
Tonight is Veggie Night!

We rented some movies last night.. got some snacks, I have dinner all planned out when I get home.. and the best part!!! John agreed to do a pore strip and face mask... AND he said I could take pictures.. so keep your eyes out for that one. Oh what a nice and fun evening I get to look forward to in less than 36... and 43 seconds.


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