Friday, February 8, 2008

Pillow Talk...

Last night was a first...

John and I were so tired and ready to go to bed around 9. We had dinner watched a movie and crawled into bed. As John got into bed he kept making comments like "I don't want to ever leave you", "I never want to die"... yes morbid, but sweet at the same time. He truly was sad and concerned about the future and the "what if's" in life.

So as we laid in bed all cuddled up into each other we started talking... like actually having a conversation, it was something I'll cherish forever. We talked about life... and heaven forbid, death, where we want to be, our goals as a couple as well as individually. We even reminisced about how our relationship came to be and the ups and downs that brought us where we are today.

I mentioned that still to this day I don't think it's hit me that I'm a married woman and I have a husband which enables all the qualities and then some that I could have ever hoped for. At work I say Husband a lot because they don't know "John", so calling him by that title has made this fantasy that I once dreamed about growing up a reality.

I guess I'm still on cloud 9 from yesterday. I truly love my life and everything that has happened and will happen in it.

I'm excited about this weekend, weather permitting John and I are going to go to the zoo! I feel like a kid... I can't wait! And then we have a friends Murder Mystery Dinner party to go to... it should be a ball!

Love you all, wishing you a fabulous Friday!!!

With Love,

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