Saturday, January 5, 2008

The first of many...

Yeah! Our first post of the year.. and ever technically. John and I had an amazing first Christmas together. I don't think either of us could have imagined how blessed we would have been. We had a few small gifts to give each other which were fun and then off to Mom and Dad's house. WOW, we got more than we ever could have asked for! John walked in the room and had an electric guitar all set up for him ready to play... he was speechless, it was so cute! Also some great seats for the Kings vs. Pacers game that he and Mark are going to this next Saturday. I got a new ipod nano, in my favorite color, aqua!!! We have a 3rd generation ipod that works fine but it wasn't syncing up to my computer as well anymore. Plus John asked for the Nike sport thing that goes in your shoe and tracks how fast and how much you run... and of course you "need" a nano to make it work... silly marketing! It was a great Christmas and we got a ton more than listed, but those were some of the highlights.

Because we have a cat and dog, I decided that they needed to have stockings and get a few treats as well! John thought it was silly until that morning and they went crazy!!!

Life is going well right now. John is back at work with the state and I'm currently applying and interviewing like crazy with the state... oh it's so much fun! (sarcasm included)

We hope all of our friends and family shared in with us a great and relaxing Christmas and New Years!

Monica and John Pedigo

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