Sunday, June 27, 2010

My first mother - daughter talk...

Georgia and I just got up and I was changing her diaper and getting her dressed for the day. While she was jabbering and fluctuating her sweet little voice to get her point across... the sweetest moment that I'll never forget happened.

Mommy: Let's get dressed so we can go outside and water the garden and play with the bubbles!

Georgia: Outside, bubbles!

Mommy: That's right, so help me get your shirt on so we can go outside.

Georgia: Mommy, go bye bye!

Mommy: We're going to go outside, not bye bye.

Georgia: Go bye bye...

Mommy: Well where do you want to go bye bye to?

Georgia: Outside!

Mommy: Where outside?

Georgia: Mimi, Papa!

Mommy: Oh my word little girl! Well we're going to see Mimi and Papa later, okay?

Georgia: *shrill scream of excitement*

Ahh, my first mother - daughter talk, it wasn't about boys crushing her , friends being mean, or questioning my parenting (I'm sure these will come later). Just a simple conversation as to what we should to for the day! I may have been still waking up and had the conversation in my head, but none the less, it was a treasured moment I will never forget!



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