Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful for Thursday!

Ahh, Thursday! Only one more day till Spring!

Today was a pretty laid back day for us girls. We've been on the go a lot this week so we stayed home in our PJ's till daddy got home from work!

Just a few highlights from our lazy day:

During tummy time miss Georgia fell asleep! Silly girl. I put her down on her play mat while I clean some of her bottles out... I noticed she was pretty quite (not normal for her). So I went to go check on her and this is what I saw!

I've been trying to get back in the swing of things (ie: cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, cleaning...) I'm sorry but when you have the cutest little girl begging to play with you... well you get the idea! So today during Georgia's after noon nap I took a shower and actually got out of PJ's for the first time today and made the most yummy meat loaf ever! Oh boy was it good! And while it was cooking we went for our first family walk!

Things are going really well and baby g is sleeping the night away! Thank you Jesus!!! We have one late night feeding then to bed we go, then she wakes up somewhere around 4-6am, depending when we went to sleep and then we go back for a little cat nap and rise and shine around 9am! It's great and I'm SO grateful!

Here's to Spring Fever!

Mon & G

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Anonymous said...

Ya for sleep! Fun to see the carrier. :)