Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Special!

Yay! Today Georgia and I finally made it out to church!

We originally were going to go last Sunday but because of this lovely growth spurts she's going through... mommy didn't get much sleep and was FINALLY able to craw into bed about an hour before service started. So it was a no go.

We've had to stay pretty close to home these past several weeks due to her losing weight early on, then not gaining weight the way the Dr. would have liked. So we were advised to stay out of large groups of people (who would mob her and kiss all over her) till she was back above her birthday weight... which was on March 12th!

We were very excited to listen to the awesome music that she kicked to for the past nine months in my belly and hear a great message!

So here's to many more Sundays! Plus we hope to go and listen to daddy lead worship next week in youth!!! Was a special treat that would be!

Mon & Gigi

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