Wednesday, January 28, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Are we there yet?

So I was in hopes with the ultra sound over four weeks ago and the exam just 2 weeks ago... that our miss Georgia would be arriving early. Yeah, NO such luck!

I do however have this awesome last trimester energy! I think I've cleaned this house more time in the last few weeks than I have the whole time we've lived her! I also just finished putting the pack and play together (Oh that was fun!) and it's all ready to go in our room for when we bring her home!

Alright... Appointment details:

Weight: Total gained 14 pounds!
Blood Pressure: High (Oops!)
Sugar/Proteins: Negative
Heart Rate: 142 bpm
Measurement: 37cm
Dilated: 2.5cm (Woopty Doo!)
Effacement: 80%
Station: -1

Boo! I can honestly same I'm a little bummed! I was certain that g dropped more and in turn I would have been dilated at least a 3! But nope, she apparently needs to bake a little longer.

I'm happy that she's healthy and looking good though!

My Dr was cute and she told me I needed to "zen" out a little bit as I walk from the exam room to the chair where they take my blood pressure. She said if it was still high she was going to send me to L&D to get monitored... luckily it drooped some (not ideally where it should have been, but it dropped!).

So one more week of cleaning, organizing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing and my favorite... sleeping in!

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Ashley said...

Sorry for the slow progress dear ;(