Wednesday, January 21, 2009

37 Week Appointment

Only 3 more of these to go!

Check List:
Weight: lost 2 pounds!
Blood Pressure: Okay
Sugar/Proteins: Nada
Heart Rate: 150
Group B Strep: Negative!

Everything is looking good! She'll probably be making her appearance in the next few weeks! I'm still 2 cm dilated, Not sure if effacement changed (last week I was 80%), and the baby is at a -1 station... which means she has dropped and is ready to make her way into the world!

I asked my Dr. what exactly the different stations mean and she said the higher the negative the higher up she is. And as soon as she gets to 0 it's game time... and usually people don't reach a +1 or +2 till they are in labor... Oh my!

So here is to another week of cleaning, relaxing and sleeping in before miss G comes!

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Leah said...

wow can't believe she is going to make her appearance so soon! Enjoy ur relaxing week!