Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excited and Anxious!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I can't believe it's here... and at the same time, it feels like the last 3 weeks have been the longest of my life! I'm so excited to find out just who this little baby is (boy or girl), while also anxious because all of this is starting to feel real and I know that once we find out who Baby G is there is going to be this huge moment of reality. Yes we're pregnant, yes we're going to be parents, yes we're going to have a baby... but there is something about knowing if you're going to have a son or daughter.

John and I have been praying that God prepares our heart as we prepare to bring this baby into our lives. Being that Baby G was a wonderful surprise blessing, the reality that I'm pregnant has been a bit surreal for me. And I having that connection between my son or daughter will make it all the more real.

We're excited and can't wait to start "REALLY" planning for this little one growing inside of me. I promise I'll update the blog tomorrow as soon as we tell our family first... so please be patient while you wait to find out if...



Brooke said...

It's weird, but knowing takes it from a baby to a "person" :) Congrats on knowing, I'm soooo excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!!!!!!