Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Trimester Ultrascreen

Today we went for our first-trimester Ultrascreen, which is a fairly new screening for Down syndrome and Trisomy 12 and 13. Dr. Yost referred us to Sacramento Maternal Fetal Medicine. Yeah, say that 10 times fast!

The Ultrascreen involves a level 2 ultrasound where the doctor measures the amount of fluid behind the baby's neck and the presence of a nasal bone. I also had blood drawn (my favorite thing!) to test for the amounts of two different hormones produced by the baby. They will put all this information (including my age and our family medical history) into a formula and come up with our baby's probability of having a chromosomal abnormality.
Baby g was sleeping when our Tech first was getting the image... but not for long. This little guy was flipping over from side to side and back to front.

The ultrasound was amazing... Just from last week to this week Baby G actually looks like a person now. Baby G is measuring right on schedule for size, and it's heart rate was 167! He was a little excited, either that or his mommy kept him awake to try to get a good measurement.

*updated* I just noticed that I typed "he" through out... I guess it's just intuition.

This was the starting position... Baby G's head is to the Left, feet to the right, and you can see his little hand waving.

This is after coughing, laughing and a lot of pressure put on my bladder by the Tech to get Baby G to move so she could get a good reading for the NT Scan. Now Baby G's head is to the Right and his little but is up in the air... the Tech didn't really talk all the much during the ultrasound, but as soon as he was bottoms up, she giggled and made me smile! (I think there are some boy parts there...)

This is my favorite picture: Baby G is still in the same position as above but you can see where the eyes are, the cute little nose... and to me it looks like he's smiling!

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