Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Little Pink Lines

We are so excited and surprised! God has blessed us with our 1% miracle! And just to make sure that those two lines weren't false... I have 4 more that look the same.. Yup, we're pregnant!

John and I went to the store to pick up some things for dinner... and while he was another aisle... I decided to grab a two pack of pregnancy test. I thought... hey, I'll just rule it out.

So I discreetly hide the tests under some other items in our cart, and just when I thought I was in the clear... John noticed them once the clerk run them up!

John said.. "You think you're pregnant?", "Umm, maybe?". He obviously didn't think any thing of it and let it pass on by... the whole time I'm dying to get home and pee on that stick!

We get home, unpack the groceries... cook dinner... start a movie... and ding, I have to go. I ever so casually got up to go take the test. I knew I couldn't stand over it and wait for the lines to appear or not appear... so I walked back out into the living room watched a little more of the movie, and then... That would be the moment that changed my life!

I opened up the top drawer where I left the test and my heart began to race, my face got really hot and I have a HUGE adrenalin rush... Holy cow... we're pregnant?!

I looked at it and looked at it, no way! I was in totally shock. I stepped back into the hallway and remembered that I bought a Purdue bib last year when we were out in Indiana... for this exact reason!

I go and get the bib (how I knew where it was, I have no idea!) then go get a stuffed bear I remember seeing out in the garage earlier that day. And the one thing that took me for ever to find was a hair tie, come on, I use those everyday.. where are you when I need you?

I got the bear all together and with arms shaking "showed" John the bear... His response was to the bib at first and was like, "Cool"! (Like why are you showing me a Purdue bib in the middle of a movie?) Then he saw "IT".

John: Are you serious?!
Me: I guess!

We hugged, cried and laughed... Holy Cow, we're going to be parents!

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