Thursday, June 5, 2008

Announcing Baby G...

The night we found out we were pregnant we called my parents to see what they were doing, as luck would have it my mom was out running errands... It was actually perfect because we were able to give John's parents a call and tell them the exciting news first!

Rick & Jo-Ann

We sent Jo-Ann an email with two pictures. We told her to get Rick because we wanted to show them our new "grill" (That was John's idea, not mine - just for the record!). We waited and waited for Rick to get to the computer. All the while John kept telling Jo-Ann to not look at the email till Dad was next to her. So while she was waiting she had some school emails that she needed to check... well the next thing we knew she was just screaming and so excited, John and I thought for sure she opened the email with our "grill" pictures!

Finally Rick came to the computer and John was setting them all up and had them open the first picture which was...

This is the bear that I gave John to tell him that we were pregnant!

Then Jo-Ann asked whats on it's arm? Which we then told her that the "grill" was the next picture...

Thinking she would be even MORE excited and surprised... she simply said Aww. Rick and Jo-Ann are both very happy and can't wait to meet Grand Baby #10!!! Yes that's right... #10

George & Cathie
As soon as John and I got over the shock and didn't look like we had some horrible secret.. we packed up the infamous bear and headed over to my parents house to "drop off the drill". Man, we sure did lie a lot that night, but it was for a good cause!

When we first got to Mom and Dad, Mom was still out, so John and I just hung out and played cool... but oddly enough there was a lifetime movie on with a lady giving birth... John and I we're dying and wanted to laugh to hard.

Mom finally arrived and as we were just hanging out and we helped unpack the groceries. I then signalled John to go out to the car and get the "drill".

We sat Mom and Dad on the couch and told them we just had a little gift that we wanted to give to them.. the first thing out of my dad's mouth was... "Take it back and save your money!". We found that funny and many levels!

Here is their reaction:

Needless to say they were in shock... as we all were, but as the reality set in, so did the excitement, smiles and the joy of welcoming their first Grand Baby!

Here's to bringing in a baby that will be spoiled and loved to the max!

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