Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three years ago today...

Was a very special Valentines Day...

It's been three years since John and I have "met" each other!

My best friend and I went out to dinner and to go see a movie, Hitch... which is hilarious and still one of my favorites to this day. We can back home got online and "ding" there was a message from an "Iceman". I was a little skeptical but we chatted and seemed to hit it off and the rest is history!

John and I met online as most of you know, if not... well now you do! I'll never take that day back in a million years. I'm so glad that we were both online at the same time. I know God had a plan for both of us on that day 3 years ago... and I know he has a plan for us together from this day forward.

I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband. I can't even begin to express my feelings and thoughts of not having him in my life. He is my rock and the love of my life. He's caring, gentle, loving, considerate, trustworthy, honorable, hilarious, serious, thoughtful, strong, handsome and most of all.... he's ALL MINE.

If you are blessed this Valentines day to be with someone who means the world to you, be sure to let them know, tell them today, this moment... don't let it pass by!

If you are still looking for the one that you can hold on to and call YOUR OWN, remember that God has a plan and that our timing is NEVER His timing. Stay strong and wait for that guy or girl that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated and never settle!

Remember that Valentines Day is about Love.. weather it's your husband, wife, dog, cat, kids, mom and dad, your sister or brother or your best friend. Show some love today and remember who loves us all more that we could ever imagine... God!

Wishing you and all your loved one's a fabulous Valentines Day!

With lots and lots of Love,

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