Monday, September 22, 2008

The Origin of Baby G...

Okay so I've been getting A LOT of emails about what "Baby G" stands for...

It's Baby Pedigo's name:
If Baby G is a boy, his name will be George Owen Pedigo.
If Baby G is a girl, her name will be Georgia Catherine Pedigo.

Short, simple and sweet!

2 1/2 more days till we find out!!!

*Updated* Both George and Catherine are family names and John and I loved them so much we wanted to keep them going.


Nic Kaeding said...

Cute names

Are those family names, or just names that you both really like?

The Pedigo Family said...

George is after my dad and both my grandpas and John's grandpa. Owen is just because we like it. Catherine is another family name.

Thanks for checking in!!!